About us

Norton Crumlin & Associates helps senior Executives to successfully solve key business issues by

  • Driving business performance

  • Guiding strategic direction

  • Supporting business change

  • Facilitating key business events

  • Providing executive coaching

  • Developing today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders

Norton Crumlin & Associates is famous for working effectively with government, with professional services organisations and with complex businesses.  We are known for our comprehensive networks and our ability to work across sectors. 

Our extensive experience with senior Executives, their teams and their organisations allows us to focus on providing the skills and tools you need to be successful.  All with energy, passion and a sense of humour along the way.

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About the images in our website

Did you know that Roger and Jack share a passion for photography? Their shared passion is something they didn’t know about until they started working together.

All the images throughout this site are chosen from their own collections of photography. 

“We have chosen images which we believe best convey the essence of our approach to business – images we have taken and images which are meaningful for us.  Our hope is that they convey to you - wisdom, knowledge and a bit of fun – because for us, although we love what we do, it’s not all about work.”


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