Ben Palmer

Emotional Intelligence Specialist Advisor

Ben has a PhD in psychology in which he developed the first Australian model and measure of emotional intelligence. He has an extensive publication list in the area, has been invited to contribute chapters to books and guest edit special issues of journals on the topic.

Together with Swinburne University’s commercialisation arm, Ben founded Genos International in 2002 to bring his model and measure of emotional intelligence to the market. The first major customer of Genos was ANZ Bank where Ben and the Genos team worked together with McKinsey & Company on transforming the culture of the organisation to be more customer centric. The Genos model and measure of emotional intelligence was used as one of the mediums for this transformation that resulted in ANZ Bank winning Bank of the Year eight times in a row.

Genos, and the model and measure of emotional intelligence that forms its core business, is now a national and Australian export success story. Genos has operations in Australia and Europe and distribution partners servicing clients in the USA, India, China, South Africa, South East Asia, the UAE and New Zealand.

In his experience at Genos, Ben raised venture capital, negotiated joint ventures and demonstrated success in driving revenue and profit growth via entry into international markets. Companies from Walmart in the United States, to Accor Hotels based in Paris, to Qantas in Australia, have used the Genos model and measure of emotional intelligence to improve leadership, resilience, customer service, sales and teamwork.

Dr Ben Palmer holds a BAppSci (Hons), PhD, and is Chief Executive Officer of Genos International. 

To contact Ben call 0413 138 323

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