How We Work

At Norton Crumlin & Associates, we work with you as an individual Executive, as a team and as an organisation, to help you be successful.


Our work with complex organisations focusses on guiding them successfully through times of transition.

For organisations, this may be in the form of significant growth, corporate restructure, cultural change or a task specific challenge such as merger and acquisition activity or major contract renewal.

The outcome?  Clarity of mission, implementation of the right processes, including prioritisation and the means to keep on track or effective change management. 


How do you move your team from operating as a group of individuals - with no real idea of what you are trying to get right - to a collective team?  How do you engender a shared sense of purpose, a plan and the momentum to keep at it?

Whether the management group, board or other senior staff, we help you address issue of skills mix, leadership skills and client focus; or more tangible objectives including the translation of a broader vision into tangible deliverables - with the assistance of an outside facilitator or assistance with effective change management.

See below for more information on team roles:


As an individual, we guide you successfully through times of transition – be that your organisation in a time of change, or at important stages in your own career.

Are you an accountant, lawyer, engineer or other professional, seeking to make the step to Partner or managing Partner within a professional services organisation?  Are you a senior Executive within government or business?

We help you identify what you need to focus on to reach your potential – be that stakeholder management, effective delegation, workflow efficiency or other leadership skills.

If you need to understand the keys to success and how to progress in your career, we can help you. 

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What our clients say

"I can't begin to thank you Roger on what a wonderful and much needed energy, level playing field and organisation you brought to this process. I greatly admire and appreciate it. I look forward to having a recap and maybe a follow up to solidify the documentation and keep moving this forward."

“This new network is integral to the future of PwC in this region…. after months of intense study and engagement with stakeholders, senior leaders at PwC determined organisational strategy and priorities with the overarching goal of delivering greater value to our clients, people, and communities”.



“…expertise in working with executives and senior managers to build capability and drive strategy and change through complex organisations.”



 “Roger is an excellent facilitator. He is skilled at building rapport and trust with participants at different levels of the organisation…, rapidly assimilates technical information and organisational context/culture”

“… particular expertise in designing, developing and facilitating strategy, planning, organisational development and change processes and workshops – at the Executive level and across multiple tiers of an organisation.”


“… excellent to work with... ”



“actively listens to what the customer wants and works with you as a partner to achieve the result that you are aiming for.”



"His style is flexible, subtle and engaging.”

"Thank you very much for your assistance this week. From my perspective the workshop was a great success and an important "first step". I have only received positive feedback. In fact, one of our partners (with 40 years experience in professional services) told me it was the best program of this type he has ever been to.”

"Firstly, many thanks for your time last week, I appreciated the candour with which I can speak with you both. I believe the opportunity to work with you will certainly help with this somewhat unique situation and in my own personal development.”

"Again thanks for your fantastic expertise in this endeavour, I doubt very much that we would have achieved so much quality material in such a short time without your input and tremendous ability to not only hear words but understand meanings."

"I had my last session with Jack Crumlin today as part of the DAP on-boarding. I can’t tell you how helpful he has been to me as I have learnt to navigate EY. He has been superb in making me aware of, and focusing my development needs and then providing great frameworks to help me move forward. And I have loved his pragmatic insight on how this place really works.

Not sure how much we pay him, but it’s been invaluable for me. Thank you"

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