Roger Norton

Founding Director

Roger Norton

Roger Norton is highly regarded as one of Australia’s leading workshop facilitators, “the facilitator’s facilitator”. 

He has the ability to achieve strong business results in a way that is both engaging and rewarding for participants.

An expert in the government space, Roger has a unique ability to focus on the big picture, translating the greater purpose into tangible direction for both organisations and individual leaders.  He couples this with unstoppable optimism and an uncanny ability to find a way through any business challenge.

Roger’s early career was in the Royal Australian Navy, where he achieved the rank of Commander and Head of Corporate Development for the Navy’s national logistic organisation, included internal consultancy in strategic and business planning, leadership development and organisational culture change. 

He has worked with national and global organisations in media, telecommunications, professional services, financial services, pharmaceutical, IT infrastructure, food manufacturing, retail banking, logistics, and all levels of Government. 

Roger’s foremost passion is improving the quality of Australian leadership.  People and performance form the hallmarks of his consulting approach to organisations. 

Roger’s facilitation style enables participants – as the experts of your organisation – to discover the key outcomes.

To contact Roger, call 0418 252 313 or email

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