Simon Banks

Innovation & Creativity Specialist

Simon Banks is an author, artist and international speaker on creativity and Innovation.

Combining a healthy stint in corporates and his background in the arts, design, creativity and innovation, Simon marries the two worlds to ignite fresh, innovative thinking in his audiences and drives change that lasts long after the event is over. He has a passion for working with clients to develop new ways of working so that they thrive in the modern age and is known in the industry for his high energy, artistry and a finely honed sense of humour.

He describes his geek out spot as the intersection of creativity, design, people and learning which he sees as essential building blocks for developing an innovative culture.

Simon has facilitated over 1,300 successful events across Europe, Asia, America and Australia, including conferences; innovation hackathons, design sprints visual storytelling programs, and creativity and design thinking workshops for clients including EY, Chevron, The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Geoscience Australia, The QLD Government, and Volkswagen to name a few.

Simon is skilled at creating visual representations on the fly of what’s being said, and using it to:

  • Rapidly prototype and test ideas
  • Make complex problems simple to understand, and
  • Give people a tool to use to solve wicked problems

His rapid-fire pace means feedback is instant, moving the event along at a cracking pace towards solutions, while keeping everyone engaged in way that science tells us our brains love.

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