Why Choose Us

When you choose Norton Crumlin & Associates, you will deal with a highly competent and professional team who will always put your needs and the needs of your clients first. 

We have extensive experience with clients from all levels of government, professional services, complex corporate organisations and not for profit organisations.

We use our judgement and experience to adapt our approach to your needs, based on our Foundations - Get it Right, Get it Done, Get it Across and Get Along.


Our commitments to you

  1. We will give you our total focus to deliver results. 

  2. We will challenge you to always think about outcomes for your clients and your people.

  3. We will ask you to think about the long term and the short term at the same time.

  4. You will deal with Roger, Jack and their experienced, senior associates.  You have full access to us.  And you will not deal with juniors.

  5. Our counsel is off the record, out of the public gaze and completely confidential.

  6. We will build trust with you that the effort is worthwhile – you will not be left on your own to struggle or wonder.

  7. We are easy to do business with.

And most importantly, we will strive to help you to succeed and keep you safe and sane in the process!



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