Deb Howcroft

Senior Business Executive


Deb Howcroft is a senior business executive with experience in both the Australian and international markets.  Her primary focus is on the management of change and development of people within businesses to achieve strategic objectives. 

She is currently working in a consulting capacity with organisations to assist them determine the outcomes they need including aligning their people strategies and practices with the strategic direction of the organisation.

Deb has led business turnarounds, been involved in business start ups and has worked within corporate centres to affect the changes required to align businesses with customer needs.   Deb’s key skills are in providing clarity to strategic thinking and being able to break this down into effective operational plans that achieve results.  This combined with her commercial and customer understanding, and ability to identify and manage risk, enable her to provide leadership needed both directly, and indirectly, to help businesses and individuals define, and successfully implement change.

With a corporate background Deb most recently held the role of Executive General Manager Group Organisational Development for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  Deb also worked internationally and locally for the Vodafone Group as Global Director of Organisational Capability for Vodafone Group Limited and Director, People and Brand, Vodafone Australia for a period of five years.  

To contact Deb call 0424 222 201

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