Our passion is to improve the quality of Australian leaders.  In all our work with Executives, leadership is at the forefront of our minds.

We work with leaders at key stages in your career – be you a newly appointed senior Executive in government or in business; or a Partner or senior Partner in professional services.

Examples of specific leadership offerings include team facilitation, client market research, Executive coaching, presentation skills, personal workflow efficiency, change management and effective stakeholder management.

Based on a clear understanding of your leadership strengths and gaps, our focus is on equipping you with the hands-on skills you need, and supporting you as you transition into your new leadership role.


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Leaders Unplugged®

We have all sat through numerous corporate presentations that have missed the mark.

We have seen leaders miss a golden opportunity to engage their teams in a positive way.

We have also agonised over the preparation and presentation of a leadership speech. 

So we decided there has to be a better way.

After years of working with Executives, Norton Crumlin & Associates  has developed Leaders Unplugged®, our proprietary framework, as part of our desire to improve the quality of Australian leadership and our ambition to allow Executives to achieve success while keeping them safe and sane.

This framework will assist you in getting it right and in getting your message across effectively to your teams and stakeholders. 

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